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IOS / Android App Icon in React Native

React Native : Setting App Icon for both Android and IOS App 

  • for IOS:
    • you should set AppIcon in Images.xcassets.
    • you should upload 9 different size icons 29pt 29pt*2 29pt*3 40pt*2 40pt*3 57pt57pt*2 60pt*2 60pt*3.
      picture for setting Images.xcassets

  • for Android:
    • put ic_launcher.png to folder [PrjDir]/android/app/src/main/res/mipmap-*.
      • 72*72 ic_launcher.png to mipmap-hdpi.
      • 48*48 ic_launcher.png to mipmap-mdpi.
      • 96*96 ic_launcher.png to mipmap-xhdpi.
      • 144*144 ic_launcher.png to mipmap-xxhdpi.


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