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Record IOS App

Record IOS App as gif image

To Record IOS APP for development , testing purpose 

we required 
 1. Quick Time Player

Download the LICEcap based on your system Operating System

LICEcap v1.26 for Windows (updated 12/28/15) (230kb installer)
LICEcap v1.25 for OSX (12/21/14) (700kb DMG)
  • Windows 8.1+ high-DPI fix, thanks to Betsegaw Tadele /
  • v1.26 updated 12/28/15 with NSIS 2.5.0
  • (otherwise identical to 1.25, no need for an OSX update)
After Downloading, Please install

Then Open Quick Time Player, Right Click on the Quick time player icon, it will show as below image.

Click on the New Movie Recording 

After that player will open, we have to click on the down arrow icon beside the red dot button.

then you will able to see your iphone will be listed there. 

Select that phone.

it will open as below

Now we have to open the LICEcap and adjust the LICEcap frame for the iPhone view and click on the record button showing on the LICEcap frame


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