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Package's Management in Sublime Text IDE

Before exploring into Sublime Text IDE Packages

we will start from the first step, Downloading the Sublime text IDE

Click here to download the Sublime Text  IDE Latest Version 

After Installing the Sublime Text IDE, To Manage the Packages, we need to install the Package Control in the sublime text , follow the below process

The simplest method of installation is through the Sublime Text console. The console is accessed via the ctrl+` shortcut or the View > Show Console menu. Once open, paste the appropriate Python code for your version of Sublime Text into the console.

you can see the console at the bottom as below screen shot 

After that copy the below code in  the console based on the Sublime Version you are using, then press enter 

Alternative Method :
If for some reason the console installation instructions do not work for you (such as having a proxy on your network), perform the following steps to manually install Package Control:
  1. Click the Preferences > Browse Packages… menu
  2. Browse up a folder and then into the Installed Packages/ folder
  3. Download Package Control.sublime-package and copy it into theInstalled Packages/ directory
  4. Restart Sublime Text


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