AngularJs Based SPA [Single Page Application] with Example ~ Web CodeHelpers

AngularJs Based SPA [Single Page Application] with Example

Users Management Module in  AngularJs Based SPA [Single Page Application]

In this example i used bootstrap CSS ,  AngularJs for SPA and JSON Data

In the current Example , I explained about three Modules

1. Add Users
2. List Users
3. Search Users

Edit and Delete Users will in the Next Tutorial

In the below HTML page(index.html) we need to add bootstrap css and AngularJs Minified Code

Below Code add in the Index Page Body Area
Full Name Company Name Designation e-Mail edit delete
{{ name }} {{ cname }} {{ designation }} {{ email }}
{{ | uppercase}} {{ list.cname | uppercase}} {{ list.designation | uppercase}} {{ }} edit delete

CSS Page, In this page, we included the boot strap
CSS Code

Javascript [Users Based Controller ] ::


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